GitHub: Merge Local Branches then Push to GitHub

As I work on my python script to parse SAS Enterprise Guide projects, I’ve been using git and github to keep track of my changes and keep a stable project while I break things and try to make it better.

However, as per my previous post on github, It can be frustrating to work with not only git but also having your code distributed online too.

Fortunately, there are troves of smarter people over at Stackoverflow.  I thought Eugine Sajine’s answer was very useful on a structured (and clear) way of merging your git branches locally and then pushing to github.

It boils down to…

  • Checkout your master branch.
  • Pull in any updates to the master branch.
  • Merge your other branch into the local master branch.
  • Push your local master to the remote master.

Not so hard when someone explains it to you!