About Learn By Marketing


Make data mining, machine learning and statistics accessible to everyone.  The more people who understand how data mining works, the more likely better decisions will be made in business, in science and even in your life (if you’re a fan of the quantified self).

How It’s Going to Happen:

  1.  Explain the whole concept, assume little about skill level or knowledge.
  2. Keep up with new research and events in the machine learning community.
  3. Provide data sets and tutorials for multiple tools and techniques.

Who Should Care About This Site:

If you’re a professional statistician or advanced data miner, you should look somewhere else.

If you’re a business professional whose interested in statistical analysis or finding patterns in data, stick around.  There is a lot to see here for the beginner.  Programming, machine learning and business cases are all neatly woven together to tell a story and make it easy to understand.

If you don’t live in Silicon Valley or work at a high-tech, data-focused company, then this site was built for you.  There is so much content out there for advanced data miners, there are thousands of academic articles explaining the latest algorithm, but you have few, if any, people who are excited about this field as you are.

Who’s Behind This:

My name is Will Johnson, I work at Uline as a Database Manager (not a DBA) and I graduated from DePaul’s Predictive Analytics Program in Summer 2015.