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Link Roundup – 3/31/2015

Differences between Machine Learning and Statistics(Quora) (and Econometrics and Bioinformatics and …) What papers every computer scientist should read (Quora).  I think reading the fundamental (and accompanying tutorial or implementation) papers on core analysis and computing topics is important.  Gaining context in how a technique was developed or what came before it lets you appreciate […]

Neural Network Powered Video Game Bot

Essentially that’s what it is.  A company acquired by Google developed a fairly general “AI” that can play a series of Atari games.  Nature published a video interview with the researchers and it’s pretty interesting.  Turns out [3:40] it’s a neural network that takes input as what’s on the game screen and then looks at […]

How Companies Do Machine Learning

I came across a post from Pinterest’s recent acquisition (hat tip OReilly’s Data Newsletter) and it made me wonder how some of the “cool kids” in e-commerce and other online properties use machine learning.  Surprisingly, it’s kind of scattered and hard to find. Here are just a handful of blog posts and videos I was able […]

Data Blogger: Edwin Chen

I love finding academics and skilled practitioners who take the time to share something they find interesting in data mining and machine learning.  This week, Edwin Chen’s answer on Quora caught my eye. Edwin appears to be currently at DropBox as a Data Scientist and his past companies include Google, Twitter, and a degree from MIT. […]