Direct Experiences @ NIU

Thank you for listening to my presentation! Here is the slide deck as well as a quick summary and a few links.

Key Takeaways

  • Careers in direct vary from creative design to data management.
  • Nearly every departmentĀ involves some sort of analysis or critical thinking.
  • Planning a series of marketing campaigns takes…
    • Analysis of past performance.
    • Creation of new ideas (influenced by past performance).
    • Design of marketing pieces.
    • Coordination across departments and other campaigns.
    • Being receptive to feedback from peers, managers, and executives.
  • Data mining is a field growing in importance.
    • You can learn more here.
    • You can find great books here.
  • When preparing to interview, follow these (abbreviated) steps:
    • Be professional – No gum, no parents, no cell phones, don’t vacation and interview.
    • Know about businessEBITDA, Cash Flow, read from Ogilvy.
    • Understand politics – Know your government (House, Senate), Know OIL.
  • If you’re looking for experiences…