Get US Census Data with R

Summary: The US Census provides an API that lets you query any of their datasets. Includes population by race, gender, age, and more by zip code, state, congressional district, and a few other geographies.

Select Census Geographies include State, Zip Code, MSPA, Congressional District and More.

Using the caret package in R

Summary: The caret package was developed by Max Kuhn and contains a handful of great functions that help with parameter tuning. Purpose of the caret Package The caret package lets you quickly automate model tuning. ¬†Using a training and holdout sample, the caret package trains a model you provide and returns the optimal model based […]

Possible Training Path for New Analysts

How to Host the Best Training Sessions

Summary: The best training sessions gather information on the audience before and after by using a survey. There are no surprises in the class because handouts detail everything that is taught. Lastly, analogies are used and students participate in order to cement the knowledge.

What Tools Do Kaggle Winners Use?

Summary: Kaggle competitors spend their time exploring the data, building training set samples to build their models on representative data, explore data leaks, and use tools like Python, R, XGBoost, and Multi-Level Models.

Past Kaggle Competitions